Advantages of Logbook Loans

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It is completely free to find how much you you could potentially borrow against the value of the car. Our simple online quote form causes it to become a so easy to have a quote in less than a minute. This is why our free service can be so popular.


Remember you don’t have to commit to one of the free logbook loan quotes provided. Simply complete the form above and discover how much you can use, then it’s up to you whether to proceed while using loan or not.

MONEY – Advantages of Logbook Loans

If all the considerations are met, then you might be receiving your money within twenty four hours, making a logbook loan one of the many fastest ways to obtain a larger cost. Once you apply online, a specialist will be in touch almost immediately to discuss your loan requirements.

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APPLY WHENEVER – Advantages of Logbook Loans

Our website is operational 24 hours a day, meaning you can apply for your free quote during a period that suits you. It is an effective, convenient way to apply for any loan.

KEEP DRIVING YOUR CAR – Advantages of Logbook Loans

If approved, you not only get the money to spend on whatever you want, but you also arrive at keep on driving the car through the loan repayment period.


The value of your vehicle directly affects the amount that you can lend. It is normally the case that you can borrow up to 50% in the value of the car being employed as security. loan amounts can vary from £500 all the way up up to £50, 000.